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Managed to fit a run in this morning on this absolutely spectacular fall day.  The color is totally stellar this year in NY.  I can only imagine what it must be up at Gill & Charly’s in Maine!  All those Sugar Maples…

Anyway, the utter fabulousness of fall brought to mind two things: 1) the super yummy fall drink I made last week – recipe below and 2) the Neil Gaiman short story, “October in the Chair,” which depicts the months of the year as people sitting around a fire, telling stories.  I wanted to look up the details of this story since it’s been probably 18 months since I’ve read it.  Sadly, my blog-poo-pooing-but-literature-loving friend has it (I think) after I lent it to her.  In her defense, she tried to send it to me twice along with Gaiman’s masterpiece (imo) “American Gods,” but J & I were not in town to claim the package.  (Sorry, Liv!)

Like all Neil Gaiman stories, “October in the Chair,” left it’s mark in my imagination.  The name – “October in the Chair” – brought to my mind initially something having to do with the electric chair (wouldn’t be a surprise for Gaiman, n’est pas?), but it is truly a benign story.  Check it out. It’s in his book of short stories & poems, “Fragile Things.”

So my recipe for spiked hot apple cider.  Heat apple cider over the stove with a cinnamon stick & some lemon rind (or a bit of freshly squeezed lemon juice).  Grate or sprinkle some nutmeg in as well.  If you have mulling spices, they add a lot to this festive drink.  You can usually find them in the supermarket near the teas.  They often come in tea bag form.  Simmer.  Enjoy with Jameson’s!

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